How to REMOVE a keloid!

***RATE & SUBSCRIBE***this is how i removed my keloid for cheap…WARNING: i am not telling anyone to do what i did, this is what WORKED FOR ME!!
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  1. linkeyboy says:

    mines grow back after this procedure?

  2. Juicybrah says:

    holy crap ahahahaha
    badass story…kinda scary
    too bad i got em? on my chest though..:(

  3. ketsiajolie01com says:

    They leave the? skin to blend in. When keloids grow back is because of the tension of the sewing. Anyway good luck keloids sufferers like me.

  4. ketsiajolie01com says:

    Just to let people know I tried this and it was too painful even with advil, ect. I just did research and found a Dr. In south florida named Dr. Ryan Greene who studied this and has a method where none of his patients has had a keloids grow back. It was $600 for both ears depending on your stalk and was cheap and well worth it. He only does ears so I have one on my leg I want gone and he referred me. Some people really study this and instead of cutting it off and sewing it the leave? the skin

  5. gucciTHIS says:

    And it is just about dead, it has shrunk and is just near black so I will be cutting it off today. So all you need is one I’m sure because it just worked for me. But the one I did about 4 months ago on my? other ear I used two rubberbands. But I hope you consider trying the ice again because it really worked for me.
    God bless

  6. gucciTHIS says:

    @brownstone241 did you put the bag of ice directly on it or did you wrap the? bag of ice in a thin piece of cloth or wash cloth? I still took some Advil but it didn’t do to much. And first I put the bag of ice directly on it and your right it made it hurt worst, but you need to wrap the bag in some cloth or maybe even a tshirt. Don’t mush it on your ear but let it just rest on it. And I’m on my second one and 6th day with one rubberband

  7. LC3tv says:

    girl , it’ll probally be the same pain one OR 2 rubber bands .. but you’ll probally? need a advil or advil PM to do the trick .. cause like I said .. the pain is NOT the fuck it ! lol

  8. Brownstone241 says:


  9. Brownstone241 says:

    i use two small rubberbands..and rap it around ..its hurting alot..i took to motrins.. i think i might put ice on? it for swelling to go down..what do u think?

  10. Brownstone241 says:

    how long did you have the keloid on your ear before you got rid of it…i have a big ball size of a bean on my ear on the top part from a piercing …but i had it there for a while..i wanted to know if it matters how long you have had it..i got one cut of before but it seams a waist of time? because i think it is returning on my other ar

  11. mizzsexiibabii08 says:

    hey, can this method be used for rock hard keloids that came from a car accident? i wanted to see if i can try this on my boyfriend who has this keloid under his chin from over a year ago so? he wouldn’t have to? hide it with his beard anymore…help me plz:) thanks in advance!

  12. JHWilliams23 says:

    when using the rubberband did the keloid get black and begin to soften and did you keep the? rubberband on it 24/7

  13. Po3ticVib3z says:

    did you get your ears repeirced after it fell off???

  14. gucciTHIS says:

    Effect the process of your keloid dying. I stop using ice today because of that, but my ear doesn’t really hurt like yesterday, it is bearable. I just replace the ice every couple hours? and kept it in a comfortable position. It only took 15-20 min for that pain took leave and when you keep the bag off your ear for bout 15 min you will feel the pain come back quick. Remember this is my first time trying this method but I hope this helps people who can’t or couldn’t take the pain.
    God bless

  15. gucciTHIS says:

    Ok everyone
    I tried this on one of my ear about 4 months ago and it worked fine, it did hurt but just tried my best to ignore the pain by staying occupied. I just started on my second ear and I forgot how much this hurt. But I think I got something that might help, Yesterday when I started I took some ice cubes and put them in a sandwich bag and held/lay on my ear and after about 10 min my ear went num and there was no pain what so ever. I wrap the bag with? a thin cloth. I don’t know if this ef

  16. BrianKushiro says:

    i been doin it for a day, the skin? shredded off and its purple, WHAT DO I DO?!

  17. lilbrownie100 says:

    After its removed, can? i get my ears repierced?

  18. WhiteBonePalace says:

    I’m whiter than white, and I get keloids every time I get cut or pierced. :/ But this was REALLY helpful for me. I’ll have to try this on one of? my scars. :) Thanks!

  19. ThaOriginalRubyyy says:

    Can You? Do This Same Method On Your Nose?

  20. ivICki93 says:

    do u? replace the rubber band each day?

  21. rawrjonas says:

    @509niky Ah. No it didn’t fall off at all! It just? kept coming off by pieces with blood. So I had to go to the doctor. And I’m getting it removed with a laser. -_- but yeah. I tried. Haha. At least this crap will be gone!! I can put my hair up now (“: THANKS though!

  22. bizzibodi1 says:

    My cousin used some black thread intertwined with some dental floss a week? ago & his looks like a prune!! He’s abt to cut it off tomorrow

  23. MsLarrykay says:

    my keloid is on my tragus and it wouldn’t fit into the smallest rubber band cos its so small !!!? any other options? can i use a thread?

  24. bizzibodi1 says:

    After a week & four days, my keloid was dried up & I cut the remainder off today with a pair of scissors. I washed it with warm water? & dabbed it neosporin. THANKS

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