My skin graft scar

As requested on my formspring www.formspring.me a video about how i got a full thickness burn on my thigh and the skin graft i had.


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  1. jolaijuz says:

    thank you so mch for the video. I fainted with a boiling kettle. I had a skin graft on both of my thighs, only a month ago. The scar is very pink and uneven, the donor site is still red. Seeing your scar? really helped me I cant wait for my scar to look more like yours. Thank you again

  2. MsMajesticlove says:

    Wow! It doesn’t look bad at all. Thank you so much for posting this video. I had skin grafting done on my left arm 3 months ago and it looks? awful now..its still really like reddish. But if it turns out to be anything like yours after 3 years or so I would be so happy!!

  3. nyc15mdel says:

    i have a skin gaft scar but my skin? is darker and the scar looks pink do you have any advice for helping to make it look better i had it since i was 4 and know im 16

  4. kaylajadelovesyoutoo says:

    I just had a skin graft about a week ago. I had to have some tumors removed on my leg. It is currently 2inches deep and really scary looking. I was just wondering about how your healing process went? I? know it’ll take a while, I just want to have an idea. You’re right too, it’s the most painful thing ever. I didn’t think it was possible for one human to feel that much pain.

  5. Portilloizay says:

    @emmalinasdaniel? That scar looks almost invisible. Are most skin grafts like that cause i thought there would be an ugly scar left over.

  6. jaccajca says:

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  7. anitaying says:

    the? surgeon must have done a great job, the graft looks very natural

  8. BurnScarred says:

    @xoxTegan85xox – sadly thats pretty common. I lost 50% of my grafts when? they failed to take.

  9. BurnScarred says:

    welcome to? the club

  10. rhysfoley09 says:

    @emmalinasdaniel Not that bad to be honest mate, worse then everyone thinks,? ha ha

  11. emmalinasdaniel says:

    @rhysfoley09 ouch man,? sounds incredibly painful!!!

  12. emmalinasdaniel says:

    @xoxTegan85xox sorry to hear that? man, must of cained!!

  13. rhysfoley09 says:

    i was in a motorcylcle accident, and along with braking my right thigh and right tibia and fibia, i ripped my calf muscle off, resulting in me having to have a skin graft along the back of my leg, i didnt find the operation painful at all, i suppose its? just different people, different pain tolerences.

  14. xoxTegan85xox says:

    found out today my skin graft failed to take and was apparently absorbed into the wound… if anyone is having a skingraft electively, DONT DO IT! the whole? process sucks and is incredibly painfull… :(

  15. xoxTegan85xox says:

    Thanks for the vid! Your wounds healed really well!! I’m in hospital at the moment just got stitches out n dressing changed under general cuz I couldn’t hack it in the dr’s surgery/torture chamber…

    Just wndering if anyone’s wounds smelt really bad? The dr’s n nurses assured
    Me It was normal n now I’ve had the dressings changed there’s no smell but it was horrendous, my mum wanted? to puke.

    Yay me!

  16. Headbanger142 says:

    Yeah, you can see? the lump where the mesh is.

  17. emmalinasdaniel says:

    for starters..goodluck with it all man, the doner site took about? 3 weeks to a month to loose all redness, mine healed really good, the actual skin graft too a little longer but if you follow the instructions from the nurses and keep it out of the sun..it should heal pretty good, just remember everyone is different ok, my op was just over 3 years ago now and my leg is completely healed. you should start to loose the colour on the graft after a couple of months, best of luck man

  18. jjoosshhwwaa says:

    I’m about to have my graft in less than 48 hours ( for compartment syndrome, not a burn) I’ve been in the hospital for two months now waiting for the surgery, and I’m a young guy worried about all the new scars I’ll be having. It would mean a lot if you could tell me how? long it took for the doner site to loose it’s redness. I didn’t seem to notice any on your leg and i’ve only been able to see fresh sites so far. none of them have been as promising as your video.

  19. TheHitchcockFamily says:

    They did? a REALLY good job. It’s very hard to tell. You took good care of it too.

    Not gross at all!

  20. superman1390 says:

    Thanks a lot for the reply and the reccommendation.. I’ll definitely get some of the rose hip oil. Yeah the sun definitely can damage it a lot. Even just having something warm like a computer on my thigh makes it burn more too. I had my surgery about 4 months ago so I am hoping it starts? to heal better soon. Thanks again man.

  21. emmalinasdaniel says:

    it took a good 6 months to a year to heal properly, id reccomend using rose hip oil on it for the healing.
    make sure you use a good moisturizer on it everyday? and NEVER let the sun on the scars, i got sun burn on mine and it slowed down the healing of it for ages. Good luck with it all man.

  22. superman1390 says:

    Wow that has healed nicely.. how long did it take? I had a skin graft on 4 areas on my leg… my knee, my shin and two spots? on my foot.. it still looks really bad.. the donor site is getting a little better though.. what do you reccommend for healing?

  23. dimduk says:

    Burns suck dude,it could have been a lot worse? though.

  24. emmalinasdaniel says:

    yeah spose i should? be great full that it has healed so well

  25. heatherface says:

    I think both your legs together MIGHT be as thick as? one of mine. lol. That was a gross story but I was expecting a worse scar, that’s actually pretty good for something so awful.

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